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so i made a pillow and a doll, which look great! 

i'm so proud bc i have no hand-eye coordination 
  • Mood: Anxious

lookie what I just uploaded..…

You like?
  • Mood: Anxious

Sophie POV:

As I pulled the stick from between my pale legs, it still dripping with urine, my anxiety sprouted ‘Please be negative, please be negative…Please!’ I thought to myself, it had been just over a month since my last period, and my last sexual encounter with my ex boyfriend, I still loved him even if he had pretty much ruined my life.  It felt like years that I had spent in that bathroom, just staring at the most unholy plus sign I had ever seen “Its fucking positive?!” I cry. I used to dream of becoming pregnant with his baby, we had everything planned out, names, where we’d live and so forth; everything would’ve been perfect, had things not gone down the way they had.


I slowly stood up, flush and leave the bathroom, where my best friend of all best friends is waiting for the verdict. I look at her, tears filling my green eyes “Oh no” she whispers as she shakes her head and hugs me tight. We walk into my bedroom; I collapse on my bed “Do I tell him? He doesn’t want anything to do with me...How would I tell him, if I chose to?” I say covering my face and holding back the almost inevitable tears. “We can sort that later, are you keeping it, Sophie?” she says, lying next to me, her arm around me.


“I-I don’t know.” I begin as I jolt up “I can’t abort it, I mean, I’m pro-choice but I can’t its my baby.” I say looking back at her “However, I cannot be a single mother, nor can I handle the problems this baby with cause me” I say, my voice breaking as I fail to force back tears. “Look Sophie, You’re 17, far too young to take care of new life, lone or with him” she says raising a very good point “We need to tell him urgently. Hand me my phone.” I demand.


She did so, her hand shaking, I take it and my stomach drops, and I feel like I’m about to throw up. I continue, unlocking it and getting his contact up “Shithead” I laugh as I press call. I take a deep breath, trying to stop the now hurricane that is destroying my stomach, fuck you anxiety.


“The fuck you want, Sophie?” He says, angrily


“I need to see you, its urgent. Please Thomas.” I say pleading to his decent side, if he still had one


“Why? What’s in it for me? You know my mum would kill me if I went to see you” He says; pointing out the obvious


“Can I tell you when I see you? I’d rather do it in person” I gulp, trying not to vomit as my lunch comes back up from beyond the grave


“Fine, Cemetery?” he asks, our old fucking grounds


“Yeah, that's fine, be there in 10” I hang up and collapse on the floor







The big reveal at the end of all ends


I see him, his curly hair, his stocky body and his stupid faces “Hey Sophie, what was it you needed to tell me, urgently?” he asks looking confused and a little worried. “Hey Thomas, I’m just going to come right out and say it… I’m pregnant and its yours” I say biting my lip and handing him the stick in a zip back “Oh s” he says, putting his head in his hands “This can’t happen, you must get rid of it, Sophie” He says breaking down “I can’t, I seriously can’t. That’s not an option, and you know why” I say offering a hug to him.


We hug, he squeezes me tight and begins to mumble a question of sorts “Well, I guess we need to get back together, huh?” I stand there, unsure of what to say, for the longest time I’ve wanted him to want me back, this is not how I pictured it.




Thomas’ POV

We walked to back to my house it had been months since Sophie had been around, and I’d missed having her around, oh so much. We stood at the front door “This can wait, Thomas…” she said placing her hand on my shoulder “No, we need to do this now, because if not now I’m afraid I’ll never do it” I says looking at her, obviously anxious about what my mother would do to me, or Sophie when he finds out. I unlock the door and we walk in, she stands behind me, obliviously scared “Mum?” I call out; you can hear the anxiety in my voice. “What’s up Thomas?” she says, leaning her head around the door from the kitchen “What is SHE doing here?!” Sophie hides even more behind me as her voice booms, “I, Oh Uh I mean, we have something to tell you”


We walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, I took a deep breath, again feeling so anxious my stomach felt like a sandstorm. Sophie and I hold hands, squeezing tight, “Mum, I know you won’t like this, but I want, I need to be with Sophie again.” I hear myself say, preparing to get slapped, all she does is death stare Sophie, “I-I’m pregnant, and its Thomas’ baby.” I look straight at Sophie, then back at my mother just waiting for the worst fight in the history of this household. “How could this happen? I thought I told you, you couldn’t see HER.” She screeches, I sighed, “I guess no one could keep us apart.” I say squeezing her hand even tighter. “I am so sorry, but we just didn’t know what else to do, and Thomas was dead set on telling you first.” Sophie speaks up looking at me, smiling slightly before turning back to my mum, Karina. “Well, have you thought of the alterative option, I mean it would be best” she says, Sophie shakes her head, looking down “Its our baby, I can’t give it up – can’t you understand why?” I say appealing to her sensitive side “Well, are you two in a emotional state to stay together to keep the baby? I mean, you know my feelings on this thing Thomas” she continues, “Does your dad know, Sophie?” she asks



Sophie POV:

I shake my head, and look down,

An Almost Innocent Mistake
Yeah, I've been writing once again!

Its not finished yet, but it will be soon.

so i made a pillow and a doll, which look great! 

i'm so proud bc i have no hand-eye coordination 
  • Mood: Anxious

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Front, Back and Side view of your OC *Total Drama Style*
Full Body Ref 2015 (front and Back) by The-Sexy-Cubone
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I will draw your OC like these above ^
TD OC Head/torso Commish
Thomas - Transgender Oc by The-Sexy-Cubone
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For Sale (1 of 2) by The-Sexy-Cubone
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Trimme by The-Sexy-Cubone
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New OC: Ebony Skyee by The-Sexy-Cubone
Ebony Skype - No Colour by The-Sexy-Cubone
Thomas by The-Sexy-Cubone
Coloured 2014 Reff. by The-Sexy-Cubone
2014 Ref - Immie (Me) by The-Sexy-Cubone
Renee Jenkins by The-Sexy-Cubone
I'm wanting to get better at drawing Total Drama Style. 
At first only girls, if I get better at girls I can try boy commissions. 
Gifts or whatever
For my best friends! by The-Sexy-Cubone
For...EternalInsanity787!! by The-Sexy-Cubone
Happy Birthday! by The-Sexy-Cubone
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I'll make you something :3

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Dan Howell Fan Art by The-Sexy-Cubone
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Note, I need a reff
Fan Fic :3

 I'll write a story with ANY OC or whatever for you. *NOTE* I may not be very good at anything sexual


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